INC Embellished Racerback Tank Top, Deep Twilight, XS

INC Embellished Racerback Tank Top, Deep Twilight, XS

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Embroidered bodice
Racer back
Shell: 100% Rayon
Lining: 100% Nylon
Brand : INC International Concepts
EAN : 0636189777312
Product Dimensions(LxWxH) :
Attention for order international goodsAll items are delivered from oversea(USA,KOREA,JAPAN,Malaysia)DirectlyDelivery would be done local shipping company in country of Production Place and Qxpress or POST in singaporeTotal shipping takes 7~14 working daysThe item from the third country could take 2 week more than normal delivery in transitNo exchange or Return is Allowed because of simple mind change
Such Return or exchange is ly allowed for the reason below
Major defect is discovered
Wrong item is Delivered
If you want to retunr or exchage at you cost, kindly Contact us via email
Please check when you return the item just for changing your mind, you could be charge return cost
(orginal + return shipping , duty, and etc)
You should let us know within 7 days from the date you received the item if you'd like to get a refund for the item

About Votage of electronics
The voltage of most electronics goods listed on our shop is 110V
Need transfomer to use US electronics
We cannot accept return for dameged electronic item because of not using transfomer

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